Monday, October 31, 2011

All great journeys begin with a single shave!

And so it begins.

Got off to a late start. Between replacing weatherboards on the house, betting on the Melbourne Cup and counting my winnings, it was 5pm before I actually shaved.

It's a good thing I tend to start slow, pity I tend to finish slow as well!

This should be a great Movember with a team of 10 as of today, thanks to a great response from my workplace. Guys, feel free to post updates here and if I haven't sent you an invite then just ask. Remember the slogan "the best or nothing", I have nothing covered so I am relying on you guys for the best.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All posts accompanied by a photo with an All-stars team member sporting a Hawaiian shirt (Magnum P.I. style) earns double points. Well it would if there were points being awarded.

Ok, time for a beer as I hear it is fantastic Mo fertiliser.

Happy growing!!!

You be careful out among them English.

Day One: The Amish Big Bad Al

You be careful out among them English. 

Big Bad Al

In for a Penny.

OK I'm in for another year.

I'll be going for the Amish look until the Mo grows back again.

Here is the result before the top lip is to be cleared.

Le'ts get some donations for a good cause.

Big Bad Al

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A growing Mo gathers no MOss!

Well things are heating up and the All-stars are growing in number.

So far we have:

Tony - Team Captain
Bart - Seasoned campaigner
Chas - Rookie Dark Horse (well ginger horse really)
Ben - A man with a beard

There are a couple of people who have promised to join that I am expecting action from shortly. If you see GuruBob or Medway then some unsubtle pressure should be sent their way. I think we also need the experienced guidance of Big Bad Al.

Let the sledging begin!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

All New and Pretty Much the Same 2011 Edition!!!

With a mind to the FACT that you can have too much of a good thing, the All-starts ( the indefatiguable Bart aside) took 2010 as a gap year.

Great news!

We're back in 2011!

Bigger (fatter)!!!!

Hairier (maybe not)!!!

Otherwise pretty much the same!!!!

Some of the team will be returning (hopefully), some new members will be joining (hopefully). Stay tuned for MOre updates and overuse of the exclamation mark!!!