Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Errol

This is my final Movember post for 2009.

In this post I give you ............. The Errol!!!

I fell in love with The Errol for the 12 hours I had it. It sits far enough off the top lip to go un-noticed when eating and the like. It was surprisingly easy to shape using only my normal razor. It provides a transition point from the bottom of the face to the top, splitting the canvas that is my head into two distinct parts.

The Errol was the first mo I actually thought I could live with every day.

RIP Errol, you are dearly missed.

Ps: Yes that is yet another Hawaiian shirt.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mo-ney shot!!

Well that is probably my silliest hat for the whole month...

Pre-op before getting day surgery to remove a cyst from my eyelid on the last day of Mo-vember, I tried taking another one afterwarsd but the drugs had kicked in and it is pretty blurry...

So my Movember takings were around $650 bucks towards the cause which I was very happy with - probably 6 times as much as I thought that I would actually raise. I have to say the whole Movember thing is an incredibly effective way to raise money - now if only I can get my new cause started - 'Beards for Bob' then I will really rake in some moolah!

Of course I know that there is no bigger loser then someone who is sporting a mo-vember mo in December but I ams till proudly growing my bushy shrub on my face - not because I want to keep the thing but because I am off to Sydney tonight and will be attending my sister's 40th on the weekend so want to show the whole family the thing 'in the flesh' as theys ay.

Can't wait to hear what my nieces and nephews think - it will probably scar them for life!!!

Better Late Than Never - Maybe?

I made a foolish mistake on 30 November by agreeing to meet some old Army mates at the Caxton for a quick half a dozen beers. I compounded this mistake by inviting them back to my place for a small whisky when the bar shut. A couple of chairs made it off the verandah and my recollection is hazy at best.
I'm trimming the mo down to guido proportions over the next couple of days. I'll post when it is at its MOst ridiculous.