Monday, October 31, 2011

All great journeys begin with a single shave!

And so it begins.

Got off to a late start. Between replacing weatherboards on the house, betting on the Melbourne Cup and counting my winnings, it was 5pm before I actually shaved.

It's a good thing I tend to start slow, pity I tend to finish slow as well!

This should be a great Movember with a team of 10 as of today, thanks to a great response from my workplace. Guys, feel free to post updates here and if I haven't sent you an invite then just ask. Remember the slogan "the best or nothing", I have nothing covered so I am relying on you guys for the best.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All posts accompanied by a photo with an All-stars team member sporting a Hawaiian shirt (Magnum P.I. style) earns double points. Well it would if there were points being awarded.

Ok, time for a beer as I hear it is fantastic Mo fertiliser.

Happy growing!!!


  1. Hawaiian shirt is being located... Nice picture! Where is your Hawaiian shirt?

  2. Hey ALD - I have heard good things about puberty, I am looking forward to it!

    Hawaiian shirts will follow.