Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Errol

This is my final Movember post for 2009.

In this post I give you ............. The Errol!!!

I fell in love with The Errol for the 12 hours I had it. It sits far enough off the top lip to go un-noticed when eating and the like. It was surprisingly easy to shape using only my normal razor. It provides a transition point from the bottom of the face to the top, splitting the canvas that is my head into two distinct parts.

The Errol was the first mo I actually thought I could live with every day.

RIP Errol, you are dearly missed.

Ps: Yes that is yet another Hawaiian shirt.


  1. Aw that looks very nice! Why did you shave it?

    I'm already looking foward to Magnum P.I. Allstars: 2010 Edition.

  2. The Errol looks fantastic - the Mo really has a place in the modern age. Bring back the Mo!

  3. Jen, it was shave or divorce. While divorce seemed like a good way to get half my stuff back, shaving ended up winning.

    Lerm it does have a place indeed. In this metro-sexual man-sculpting world there is plenty of room for a well styled mo.

  4. Oh, Errol. I would give anything. Just to be like him.

    At the top of the 'want' list for next job, I'd be putting 'Hawaiian shirt friendly workplace'. Shame for those babies not to see oxygen on a regular basis.

  5. To quote James Reyne:

    "Oh Errol...
    I would give anything just to be like him..."

    I got a similar ultimatum - my return ultimatum that I would actually shave the thing off when she donated some money to the cause was greeted with scorn.