Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mo-ney shot!!

Well that is probably my silliest hat for the whole month...

Pre-op before getting day surgery to remove a cyst from my eyelid on the last day of Mo-vember, I tried taking another one afterwarsd but the drugs had kicked in and it is pretty blurry...

So my Movember takings were around $650 bucks towards the cause which I was very happy with - probably 6 times as much as I thought that I would actually raise. I have to say the whole Movember thing is an incredibly effective way to raise money - now if only I can get my new cause started - 'Beards for Bob' then I will really rake in some moolah!

Of course I know that there is no bigger loser then someone who is sporting a mo-vember mo in December but I ams till proudly growing my bushy shrub on my face - not because I want to keep the thing but because I am off to Sydney tonight and will be attending my sister's 40th on the weekend so want to show the whole family the thing 'in the flesh' as theys ay.

Can't wait to hear what my nieces and nephews think - it will probably scar them for life!!!


  1. I just checked the Magnum dudes takings and am pleased to see that even Mr Havock raised a few bucks. Very disappointed with our Mr Money in Canberra - must have been too busy making sausages to raise any money for this cause. Or maybe he was having too much fun in the Gallery watching the Liberal Party self combust?

  2. So long as those dodgy medics didn't touch the MO. It's still a good look even with the shower cap GBob. Hope the op rehab goes OK. Thanks for joining us on the Magnum journey, even if it was lobbing rocks at us from the other side of the street for at least part of it!

  3. Dr Yobbo - I was in and out by lunchtime - I have had relationships that have been more painful (but possibly not shorter)...

  4. Onya GB. I think you look more like you are at one of them Beauty Parlors getting ready for a facial...

    Thanks for dropping in.

  5. They should have shaved your eyebrows and left the mo!

    Good work Bob!