Wednesday, November 2, 2011

get a move on...

I have decided to take part in this year's Movember after letting my upper lip have a rest in 2010.  It seems to have worked as I now have a farly good fuzzy growth after only two days on the job...

This year I am posting photos of myself in front of various local landmarks and will see how that works as a marketing tool for garnering donations, which is what it all about really.

Thanks to PNB's generosity I have already pawned my fellow team members on the fundraising front - will be waiting a while for any of them to get above the zero dollars mark I reckon - that is the real competition! From recollection I raised more funds then the entire Magnum P.I. All Stars all on my onw last time we went head-to-head - or is it mo-to-mo??? This time I have joined with the enemy and we are working together to raise funds for the cause...

Gentlemen - are you ready for a race to the $500 mark??


  1. No one told me this was a fund-raising competition... shit, here I was convinced that that my manliness and 'stache growing prowess would get me through.

  2. I'm ready! I'm keen! I will hear the starters gun, leap in a startled manner, then resume my steady pace, G&T in hand as you sprint away in the distance to deservedly break the ribbon. Gentle sponsors, shower me with cash if you want to see the animal show beat the landmark spectacular!

  3. Do pre-mo donations count?

    Surely that's donating the man and not the mo?