Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hair or Stare, just donate!

9 days in and I actually have something to show for it. Merv Hughes isn't exactly running scared, but I can't help but feel that I am ahead of this point last year.

It still looks pretty narrow, so I am tipping I will end up with the Errol once again.

Actually the more I look at that =>>> photo, the more I become concerned about the world weary eyes staring back than the childish state of my Mo. So if you don't want to donate to the Mo, donate to bring back the youthful sparkle to my eyes (or at least to convince me to wear sunglasses next photo).

The All-stars's Mos that I see around work and on this blog are really starting to show the splendour you would expect from gentlemen of this calibre. Bob is running true to form and spanking all in the donations stakes, while sporting a Mo that would make a British prison guard proud!

Al and Ben are showing the benefits facial folicle experience while I am keenly awaiting Bart's next animal installment (I am hoping for something in the poisoneness reptile range). We haven't seen anything from Charles of the West as yet, is he lulling us into a false sense of security????

To the work guys, feel free to post something here and then link it to facebook, twitter, tumbler, myspace (you still use that????), google+, etc. You have all been sent an invite, but feel free to ask if you aren't sure what to do.

So gentle readers, read, enjoy but most importantly, DONATE.

The Errol by Errol
The Errol by Schui


  1. You know what you have to do. Get some Kristina Keneally hair extensions so you too can have the dirty 80s Krauty mullet to go with the Schuey bumfluff. DOOOOOO EEEETTTT

  2. Great idea, definately worth doing.

    If you donate.