Monday, November 30, 2009

AlMOst a wink-and-a-gun

So that is how it ended. Sadly I remember classmates in Year 7 with more impressive growth than that. That said, I am incredibly proud of the job that the Magnum P.I. Allstars have done this Movember. Some cash raised, Hawaiian shirts aplenty, silly hats askew and a ton of fun had.

Thanks to all team members, guest posters (Bob) and donators. A special thanks to all the team members significant others that have had to suffer not only being kissed by the mos, but also having to look at them.
I will probably write one more post tomorrow as I am going to have a shot at turning this thing into a proper Errol. I have no idea how to do it, but a lack of knowledge, experience, talent and intelligence has never stopped me before.

My last post solicited a request from Steve for a "wink-and-a-gun" shot. Well I totally failed at that, so I'll leave you with a "half-a-wink-and-a-gun".

Actually this one was probably a better attempt, but the expression doesn't have the same degree of sleazy misplaced confidence and so it just doesn't work.


  1. Oh I LOVE these pics, fantastic!

  2. That is fkn GOLD sir. ROFLMAO. Get thee to a dodgy used car dealership. (Dodgier than the current.)

  3. I look fwd to seeing the 'Errol' - it is more impressive than you make out - not bad at all!

    And the wink & the gun rivals DrY's sunnies & hat photo as my two favourites

  4. SCORE!!! In the first pic, you look very Dangerfieldian. In the second, you almost remind me of Axel's buddy in Beverly Hills Cop. The one that got murdered in the hallway. Mikey.

  5. Agree with Steve, that first pick has Dangerfield, R. stamped all over it. Ever look up your family tree and find three dogs using it? (Etc etc etc)

  6. Hey Tony, ever offer an old woman the opportunity to make $14 the hard way?