Monday, November 30, 2009

So that was movember

and it was fun. Pretty much the laziest way to try and raise money for charity. shave less.

And i can honestly say it hasn’t had impact on my luck with the ladies

this is it half gone


and here is my ugly mug with the lot gone, including all the head hair–


cept for the tickler thingo. Gunna keep that for a bit. Might try and grow it past my double chin


  1. Grow it into an arrowhead pointing down. For the ladies to follow to the GOODS. YEAH.

    I just creeped myself out quite a bit here. As you were.

  2. It was an impressive effort!

    Was very pleased you jumped onboard the team.

  3. Stud!!!

    Doc, you are veering off toward the hoMOsexual there...not that there's anything wrong with that!

  4. That was a damn fine effort U. Now, I am not only a worse cook than you, I'm also worse at mo-growing. Thanks!